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Papers on SEUGI:

Available Tools
The following tools are currently available to be distributed in and outside of Germany. Other bigger tools may be translated to English on request and are currently only available in Germany (see German tools).
WS Graphics Macros The WS Graphics Macros are a set of three ready to use SAS macros to create more elaborated charts and plots and combine them with a table directly below the tick marks. The examples are GIF files and the macro call to produce these charts is printed as footnote. bar chart and plot
overlapping bars
plots in front of a bar chart
WS Report Macros A macro library to produce high quality outputs via DSGI. This library was first introduced as a poster on SEUGI 94 in Strassbourg. Example with shaded background as traffic lighting
table and plots
HTMLOUT A powerful an easy to use tool for WEB publishing and SAS/IntrNet® applications. The biggest advantage is the separation of SAS programming from the design of the appearance in HTML. See the paper on SEUGI 98

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We support the Homepage of Jahrgang 58 of the famous village Beuren

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